Square Wave 150 x 150 cm

Experience the ultimate in versatility and style with this large Square Wave. The eco-friendly cloth is perfect for a variety of uses, transforming effortlessly into different accessories using traditional Furoshiki knots.

Need a spacious bag for your daily essentials or a trip to the market?

The large Square Wave can be folded into a stylish bag, providing ample space and a unique look that stands out.

It’s not just a bag—it’s a statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Learn how to tie your Square Wave into a bag here

Looking for a practical yet fashionable backpack?

With a few simple knots, your Square Wave can be transformed into a comfortable and chic backpack.

It’s perfect for carrying books, gym gear, or picnic supplies, combining functionality with eco-friendly fashion.

Learn how to tie your Square Wave into a backpack here

Planning a relaxing day outdoors?

Spread out your Square Wave as a park mat, creating a comfortable and stylish space to read a book, sunbathe, or enjoy a picnic. Its generous size ensures plenty of room for you to relax.

Each Square Wave is adorned with a unique QR code, enabling you to share inspiring stories of our Ocean with friends and family. This feature not only sparks meaningful conversations but also highlights your dedication to protecting the environment.

Whether you’re heading to the office, the gym, a weekend adventure, or a day in the park, your large Square Wave adapts to your needs while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Its multifunctional design ensures you’re always prepared and stylish, no matter the occasion.

Ready to elevate your accessory game with a touch of eco-conscious elegance?

Get your large Square Wave today and discover the endless possibilities of sustainable fashion.