Begs Fashion

Discover Our Unique Fashion Collections: AzoreanHood & Square Waves

Meet Begs, the adventurous sperm whale from the beloved books, Begs & Friends. As she travels to Japan on a mission to end whaling, Begs also dedicates herself to cleaning the ocean of plastic. Along the way, she transforms this plastic into beautiful fashion creations.

Our collections, AzoreanHood and Square Waves, bring the magic of Begs’ journey from fiction to reality. Each piece is crafted from 100% recycled fibers, with SEAQUAL® YARN, incorporating upcycled ocean plastic, and is lovingly handmade in the Azores.

These items are more than just fashion; they represent a commitment to sustainability and ethical production. By choosing our products, you support alternatives to the highly pollutant and exploitative fast fashion industry.

Each design is infused with a powerful narrative, weaving the story of our oceans and the efforts to protect them. We believe fashion should forge an emotional connection with its owners, turning every piece into a story you wear.

Explore the AzoreanHood and Square Waves collections and join us in making a statement for the ocean and a stand against unsustainable practices.