Begs & Friends Books

The book Begs & Friends – The start of an adventure in the Azorean sea is for young people (>14), parents and educators.

The book Begs & Friends – A mini adventure in the Azorean sea is for pre-reading children and children in the initial reading phase.

Together, Begs & Friends books are intended to stimulate conversations about Ocean conservation, in schools and within families.

Both books work individually.

Begs & Friends books are also available in portuguese.

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Begs is a 9 metres long sperm whale. She was born along the Azores archipelago.

Begs decided to embark on an exciting quest, hoping to inspire the people of Norway and Japan to stop whaling, by telling them about the Azorean success story.

During her trip, Begs will realise it’s impossible to separate the threats presented by commercial whaling from those of marine pollution, commercial by-catch, or over-fishing.

In the first 2 books, one for children and other for young adults and educators, Begs discovers plastic and collects it, with which she designs the AzoreanHood.

AzoreanHood Collection